#95 Repetition checker and citation hover


these two feature requests popped up in the help section, so I am putting them here, now.

I'm looking for a way to jump from one repetition to the next. (Maybe a button or a key combination, or a dialogue option.)

I'm wonding about the citation hover over. I.e. when you hover over a "\ref" it shows you the related "\label" passage. It would be nice to have the same feature for a "\cite", so that it gives you the complete bibtex entry.

Thanks :-)


  • Jan  Sundermeyer

    Jan Sundermeyer - 2010-09-30

    the dialog for repetition finder is already implemented in rev. 1252 (Tools/Find Repetition)

  • Pat Schweitzer

    Pat Schweitzer - 2010-09-30

    Ah, I found it in rev 1254 :-)

    Just looked at it and I have an additional request.

    Can you please make an option not to look for repetitions in the math environment? (maybe also verbatim environment) (Maybe a checkbox option in the dialogue?)

    I found so many repetitions there...

    I love the speed in which you are implementing those features! Thanks.


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