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Following the idea of ​​feature -requests # 708 seems reasonable to me that:

Another thing I do not like are the icons of compiling , do not show the essence of each of compilers ( pdflatex , XeLaTeX ) and each has a predetermined symbol or font, and play with that symbol does not show every one.

Unfortunately I'm not a graphic designer, but I would be nice if the icons were compiled in two ways .

1) I really like the " TeX Lion" and is a great reference for everything related to Tex , the original design was ctan ( http://www.ctan.org/lion/ ) , would be good if placed face this and the font style of each engine latex, serious face as the project bibtool ( http://www.gerd-neugebauer.de/images/tex-lion-colored.png ) or better.
Many charts with " TeX Lion" are :

2) the other option is to place the official logos engines latex, for example the lualatex is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:LuaTeX_logo.svg
XeLaTeX : http://www.xelatex.org/xetex_icon.jpeg

It would be good that all this could be and any graphic design experience in the conduct much nicer , annex an idea as much as I would like.

(note : the sources of each motor can be used with dtklogos package, see : http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/11095/how-to-write-latex-with-parentheses-or-any-other-tex-related-logo)

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  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2014-05-20

    None of the core developers is a graphics designer. We neither have the time nor the skill for developing refined icon designs. Of course, contributions are highly welcome.

    A few remarks to your proposals:

    1. I don't quite understand what you mean by 'if the icons were compiled in two ways'.

    2. The TeX Lion is a bit unspecific. As you say it refers to 'everything related to TeX'. That's about everying in TeXstudio. The lion is not very specific for compilation. From a practical point of view, I think's difficult to recognize it on small icons, because it's quite detailed.

    3. I've worked quite a bit in the TeX world, but I didn't know the logos of neiter LuaTeX nor XeTeX (XeTeX is again not suited for small icons). So I doubt, it's really something a majority of TXS users would immediately recognize.

    4. I'd like to maintain a certain icon consistency within TXS. All compilers (LaTeX, XeTeX, etc.) should look somewhat similar.

  • upa

    upa - 2014-05-20

    Well, at least it would be interesting in the current design respect the style of letters on each engine, ie where it says latex aparesca as LaTeX, the fonts are:

    emacs with auctex has the lion and looks really good;)


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