#668 \path consternates TeXstudio


I am using TeXstudio 2.6.6 on Win8.1 64bit. When I use the command \path{} with a $-character TeXstudio get consternated an draws the rest of the usual Latex code green. Please see the attached snippet for an illustration.

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  • Steve Samuels

    Steve Samuels - 2014-02-24

    Deleted previous comment, as it was incorrect.

    Last edit: Steve Samuels 2014-02-25
  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2014-03-16

    This is not easy to fix, because we currently do not have a portable way to specify (or ignore) highlighting in command arguments.

    I've now impelemeted a workaround (hg 4317 (db61535d96de)). You can put

    % !TXS fix-highlight:close-$


    at the end of the line to stop the wrong math highlighting. At least, the following lines are ok then.

    Will be included in TXS > 2.7.0 (2.7.0 is already in the build for release).

    Last edit: Tim Hoffmann 2014-03-23
  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2014-03-16

    Ticket moved from /p/texstudio/bugs/908/

    Moved to feature requests because a workaround is available and a proper fix needs more refined command definitions. See also https://sourceforge.net/p/texstudio/feature-requests/642/

    Last edit: Tim Hoffmann 2014-03-16

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