#598 Greek text input panel


from a mail:

My second suggestion is to extend such table (the one used by the á sidebar
icon) or to create a new sidebar icon with the Greek (normal monotonic and
extended polytonic Greek) Unicode pages; so as to use the sidebar facilities to
input polytonic Greek text even without using a Greek keyboard. You wrote
me that Cyrillic and Greek are already on the pane; OK, I found Cyrillic,
but I found only math Greek symbols, not polytonic Greek;
using the math environment and the various \alpha, \beta,. . . , commands
that you can get from the λ sidebar icon. Those commands are just for
math; math is not suited to enter text with glyphs taken from a font that lacks
almost everything necessary to text typesetting, from kerning to ligatures and
spaces, not to mention the absence of the variety of diacritic signs, and the
iota subscripted, that the polytonic/classical Greek script requires.


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