#1151 Pop-up image with \graphicspath


A very useful feature of TeXstudio is that it can show up the figure in the editor if we move the mouse over the location of the file in \includegraphics. It would be nice if this feature worked when the path to the image file is not given explicitly but with the \graphicspath option, so \graphicspath{{Pictures/}} in the preamble plus \includegraphics[options]{somePicture} in the document would display the image just as the usual \includegraphics[options]{Pictures/somePicture}.


Feature Requests: #1049


  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2016-10-20

    A dynamic detection of \graphicspath is not supported. However you can statically define a graphics path in the options:
    Options -> Advanced Editor -> Additional Search Paths -> Image Files

    • Zoltan Csati

      Zoltan Csati - 2016-10-21

      Thanks, it works. But in this way the added directory will be searched for other projects too, i.e. this is a global setting.

      • Tim Hoffmann

        Tim Hoffmann - 2016-10-22

        Originally this settings was introduced to handle a TEXINPUTS environment variable, which indeed is a global setting.

        As written above, a dynamic detection is not supported. The logic is more complex and we didn't have the time to implement it. After all it's only a nice add-on and there's the global workaorund. So no high priority.


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