#113 add auto completion for $..$


As [.. ] is already implemented by auto parentheses, I think it would make sense to auto complete the $..$ math environment, too.


  • Benito van der Zander

    These were completed at the beginning, but it turned out to be very confusing, because tmx could not detect if a closing/opening $ was written.
    If you write ) and insert a ( in front, it is clear that no additional ) has to be inserted, but if you write a $ and then a $ before it, you would get three $ with completion.
    And currently it is a simple longest match completion, if you write ( it will be completed with ) because ( is longer than (, but if you write \$ it would add an additional $, because there is no \$ bracket.
    And finally someone could use the $$ ... $$ environment.

    But it was already marked as a TODO, and I will change it, when I ever get a good idea, how to solve the issues above.

  • Flame

    Flame - 2010-11-10

    $$...$$ completion is also desirable in this case, but it is not clear how to distinct it from a single $$. I'd better have shortcuts for these.

  • Pat Schweitzer

    Pat Schweitzer - 2010-11-11

    Just read this, and felt like I had to contribute: $$..$$ should not ever be used in Latex. Hence I don't see the need for that command at all. Flame, for more don't you might want to have a look here:



  • iceman01

    iceman01 - 2010-11-18

    I was not asking for a completion of $$...$$, but for the in line environment $...$. I know that $$...$$ shouldn't be used as [...] is the appropriate command.

    I understand the issue. If you find a solution it would be great but one can certainly live without it.


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