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  • Thiago

    Thiago - 2013-10-10

    I'd just compiled the version 2.6.2 and everything was right. But when I opened TXS for the first time the test begun.

    Well, some errors appeared. A lot of messages like

    * Start testing of StructureViewTest *
    Config: Using QTest library 4.6.2, Qt 4.6.2
    PASS : StructureViewTest::initTestCase()
    FAIL! : StructureViewTest::script(add Label) Compared values are not the same
    Actual (res1.join("##")): Root: LVL:0 IND:0##Overview:R?TULOS LVL:0 IND:1##Label:test LVL:0 IND:2
    Expected (expectedStructure): Root: LVL:0 IND:0##Overview:LABELS LVL:0 IND:1##Label:test LVL:0 IND:2
    Loc: [tests/structureview_t.cpp(215)]

    and also errors like

    Any idea? Is it dangerous?

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2013-10-10

    Where did you get that version? It's a development build. This is why it performs some tests at startup. The errors occur, because your system has some settings differing from our test configurations. You can safely ignore them.

    It's not dangerous (except if you don't trust the source of the build). You can use it if you want. But the tests will reappear from time to time (I think every 7 days or so). Therefore I'd recommend getting a proper release build.

  • Thiago

    Thiago - 2013-10-10

    Dear Tim, thanks for answering. I got the source from sourceforge. If there is only tests, no problem.

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2013-10-11

    You can add DEFINES+=NO_TESTS to the qmake call (or use the script, which asks you if tests should be included.)


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