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  • Nobody/Anonymous


    I have a few questions regarding navigation within the source and with

    (1) is it possible to make references in the source code clickable to jump to
    the corresponding label? You can do that in the structural view, I just do not
    always have this view open and clicking in the sourcecode would simplify the

    (2) is there a "back"-button or more preferable a "back"-key like in browsers?
    This would be a great improve in my workflow.

    (3) synctex is working fine for me. However, in the pdf-view I have to click
    on a word holding ctrl to jump to the source and in the editor I have to set
    the courser at the desired position and press F7 (or any other key set in the
    options). Is it possible to overcome this inconsistency and use ctrl+mouse in
    the editor as well?

    I think texstudio is the best latex-environment available. There are so many
    possible tweaks. Is there anywhere a summery of useful tips?

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2012-08-08

    (1) They references are currently not clickable. But you can use "Go To
    Definition" (Ctrl+Alt+F)

    (2) Not in the sense of a history of cursor positions. However you can
    navigate through changed lines and bookmarks. See Edit -> Goto menu. Note, the
    sorting is by line number, not chronologically.

    (3) Not yet.

    (4) I'm not aware of a collection of such tips. However we could set up a page
    in the wiki for this, if there is interest. I'd like to have the users
    contributing here. First, there's still so much that we could to that it would
    be a pity investing much developer time her. And second, the users know best
    which tips helped them a lot, and what they consider useful to know for

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    "currently not" and "not yet" gives me hope :)
    But the "Go To Definition" shortcut is already nice, thanks. ctrl+H is also

    Combining question (1) and (2) it would be really great if there were a
    shortcut like ctrl+alt+shift+F to go back to the original cursor position.
    E.g. when I refer to an equation I often need to have a short look how I
    defined something and than go back to the text. This feature could be
    considered for the future.

    about the tips, I would appreciate a page in the wiki. I would also contribute
    after I finished my thesis.
    I just had a look into the user manual, some tips are already shown there. But
    for example the thing with "Go To Definition" I couldn't find more than the
    shortcut in the manual.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    the tool tip when hovering of a reference (like \ref{abc}, mouse cursor over
    abc) shows the surrounding text (-2 line to +2 lines) of the label.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    wow. Although I use texstudio for more than a year now, I never saw this
    behavior. If the amount of lines were configurable, this would be even better
    since I often have rather huge equations. But probably it is and once again I
    just didn't find the proper switch :)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    the number of shown lines is not changeable.


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