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  • Jan  Sundermeyer

    Jan Sundermeyer - 2010-09-25

    In the svn version, a menu is still called "idefix".
    Any suggestions of how to call it finally ?

  • Pat Schweitzer

    Pat Schweitzer - 2010-09-27

    Wow, that's a tough one. Maybe something like Text Layout Appearance. However
    since you only use one word, how about only appearance. (A is not used as a
    shortcut, yet.) Yet, not 100% satisfied, yet. I'll think more on it.

  • Matthieu

    Matthieu - 2010-10-14

    what is the essential difference with the 'Edit' menu?

  • jones.79

    jones.79 - 2010-10-22

    Layout, Text tools, Layout tools.

    Maybe rearrange some items, e.g. move them to the Edit Menu (paste as latex,
    convert to latex,erase word/cmd/env),
    so that a significant name can be given to the remaining items.

  • Jan  Sundermeyer

    Jan Sundermeyer - 2010-11-08

    @Benito: a decision needs to be taken.
    My suggestion would LtxEdit ...

  • Matthieu

    Matthieu - 2010-11-08

    In the french translation, I did translate it by LaTeXEdit.

  • Benito van der Zander

    Am I the only one who likes Idefix?

    In the french translation, I did translate it by LaTeXEdit.
    I hoped you would use "Idéfix"...

  • Jan  Sundermeyer

    Jan Sundermeyer - 2010-11-09

    problem with idefix is that it does not give a hint what commads are behind
    But anyway, i am neutral about it. The main point is that the question mark
    has to go ...

  • Matthieu

    Matthieu - 2010-11-09

    My opinion is also that in general the name should give a hint on what's
    behind. However, in that case it is fast for the user to understand. So
    "Idéfix" is fine with me if you prefer ;-)

  • honich

    honich - 2011-03-22

    Quite an old thread, but as an idea - if you rename:

    Tools to Output (or Compile or something like that to clarify that heavy
    action takes place here) and then rename:
    Idefix to Tools or Text Tools or just Text (got the idea for "Text" from the
    program TextWrangler)

    you would have Menus saying what commands are behind them (as jsundermayer
    proposed) - of course entries like Spell check would also have to be moved to
    text tools (or edit)

    Another gentle suggestion concerning Menus:
    Why not integrate Math / Assistants / Bibliography into the Latex Menu, as
    they basically belong to the Latex class of commands. That would also - as a
    side effect - clean up a little bit the top level menu (?? sorry for bad
    english ??); in my opinion at the moment you can somehow get confused with the
    many items there. But that is really my very personal point of view...


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