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  • CLightfield

    CLightfield - 2014-07-30

    I'm trying to write a "magic comment" script that will open the PDF in viewer upon opening the .tex file. The slot for view-pdf is commandFromAction(), but I'm not sure how to call that specific command. What I tried is the following:

    % !TeX TXS-SCRIPT = foobar
    % //Trigger = ?load-this-file
    % app.commandFromAction(view-pdf);

    but this doesn't work. It's reading "view" as a variable and throwing an error. I would appreciate any help on getting this script to work.


    • Tim Hoffmann

      Tim Hoffmann - 2014-07-30

      The slot for view-pdf is commandFromAction(),

      Right. The slot is already connected, i.e. all the logic is in place.
      You just need the action associated with "View" and trigger it
      (equivalent to clicking on the menu entry of the action). Do this.


      • CLightfield

        CLightfield - 2014-07-30

        Thanks Tim! I have a user command (called “Alternate”) that works for me when ran by clicking on the menu item (Tools->User->1: Alternate). I can run it by making a button on the toolbar, but I was trying to automate the process with a script. Since the menu command worked I was trying “app.commandFromAction” but I was unable to get menu items working without your suggestion. Unfortunately, the following implementation also fails.


        I tried "main/tools/user/1:alternate” as well but in both cases I am getting the syntax error “parse error backtrace”. Please let me know where I am going wrong. Thanks again.


        Edit for syntax typo

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        • Tim Hoffmann

          Tim Hoffmann - 2014-08-25

          Sorry for the late reply. The names of the user commands are currently not used for the associated managed actions. The actions are just numbered cmd0, cmd1, ... So you have to do


          We might change that in the future to use command names.

  • CLightfield

    CLightfield - 2014-09-09

    Didn't think to try that. Works perfect. Thanks again Tim!


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