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Max Plinck
  • Max Plinck

    Max Plinck - 2012-10-09

    I am in a curious situation: I am living in France, so when I download and
    install TeXstudio (from,
    I get the French version, but my French is not good enough yet to work with it
    in French ... So, where can I get an English version from? Or is there an
    option to change the language?

    Note: I am not talking about the dictionaries for spell-checking, but the
    language of the interface.

    (So far I use TeXstudio 12.4 on Ubuntu with a 32bit architecture)

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2012-10-09

    The language can be set in the options:
    General -> Appearance -> Language

  • Max Plinck

    Max Plinck - 2012-10-09

    Thanx! That was much easier than I thought ...


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