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  • Arlindo F. Neto

    Arlindo F. Neto - 2009-03-04


    Congratulation for the wonderful fork!!!

    I have a little problem.
    On the 1.8 version and the svn version of texmakerx my keyboard not work correclty. When I try use accentuation like á (´ + a) or ç (´ + c) the texmakerx return ´a and ´c. The problem not occur on texmaker 1.8 or in any qt application.

    Note: in the configuration popups (like in Key Repplacements or in Configure Texmakerx) the accentuation works fine with (´ + a)=á and (´ + c)=ç.

    My system:
    Gentoo 2008.0
    Kde 4.2.0 (pt_BR)
    Qt 4.5.0_rc1

    thanks for your help,


    • Benito van der Zander

      >Congratulation for the wonderful fork!!!

      >I have a little problem.

      This was a problem of QCodeEdit, and is now fixed in its repository. (quote: Fixed in SVN : it turns out input method support and key compression need to be enabled on BOTH QEditor and its viewport.)

      I will merge it into the TexMakerX repository soon.


      • Arlindo F. Neto

        Arlindo F. Neto - 2009-03-04

        Hey Benito,

        Thanks so much Benito!!!

        I will wait for you merge the update in repository.

        Thanks for your help Benito,



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