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  • Astradiel

    Astradiel - 2012-07-26


    is it possible to group the %TODO commands by an additional command?
    Or is it possible to define a new command that behaves like %TODO in the
    structural view?

    My Problem:
    I'm writing some text, then I have to stop for some reason so i write a
    comment like %TODO: add here the evaluation of how high a whale can fly. <-
    works fine no problems.
    now I'm re-reading some text and think about something that could be added
    there, but I don't know if to do so. so i write: %TODO: go ask my boss about
    this. <- works fine no problems.
    The real problem occurs to me when I have about 10-15 comments like this in
    one file and a oncoming meeting. It wuold be very nice if I could group all
    those "ask.." question in the structural view (like %TODOs and labels are
    shown) to see them on the first look.

    This could not only be helpful for questions but also for %TODO: RESEARCH:
    lokk for book "how to meet a mother"
    or similar.
    In the above line you see the possibility for a TODO tag the other possibility
    that comes to my mind would be a seperate keyword like %ASK: with the same
    behaviour as %TODO but with another group.

    I tried searching the preferences and using some unknown little search engine,
    but I was not able to find anything comparable.

    I hope you could help me or give me some hints.
    Thanks in advance

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2012-07-26

    The %TODO feature is only very simple, so currently neither of your ideas will
    work. It's not possible to have different types of todos and group them. Also
    defining something like %ASK with special meaning is not possible (it'll be
    just a plain TeX comment).

    As a workaround:
    They'll all show up in the TODO section.
    If you only want to view only the one or the other, use Edit->Searching->Find
    Dialog and search for TODO ASK. The results are then shown in the search
    results tab of the bottom panel.

  • Astradiel

    Astradiel - 2012-08-01

    thank you very much t_hoffmann.

    this gets a <worksforme> but still would be a nice to have feature ;)



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