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  • Arlindo F. Neto

    Arlindo F. Neto - 2009-03-10


    I don't know if this is a more bug...

    In some moments, when I use the scroll bar up or down, the text of TexMakerX takes a strange way.
    Take a look this:

    To solve this I run Ctrl+A (select all text) and click on the text.
    Take a look again:

    This happens often.

    Thanks for your help!


    • Benito van der Zander

      I got this response: (although I wrote him that you had KDE 4.2.0 ,qt.4.5rc1 like in your last thread)
      >I have updated to Qt 4.5 and I am still unable to reproduce the bug. I guess it is either a local issue or a bug
      >introduced in early Qt 4.5 releases and fixed in the final one. By the way I don't think it can be considered
      >as a remake of the scrollbar bug as it is not a problem of offset/incorrect coordinate computations or alike
      >but a clear case of corrupted drawing. and I have no idea what can cause such a drawing corruption if it does
      >not happen somewhere in Qt internals. I have taken a look at Qt 4.5.0 changelog and it mentions improvements
      >in QWidget::scroll() and backing store so I think the "early 4.5 regression" scenario is the most likely.

      So you were perhaps right with suspecting KDE/QT.


    • Benito van der Zander

      Uihh, that's bad.
      There was a bug in the QCodeEdit-library where exactly this happened (but on Windows only), however it should have been fixed already (in the version included in the TexMakerX release).

      Which version of TexMakerX do you use? (release or svn-revision, the number in the about-dialog is currently not really useful)

      Anyways, I reported it now to the qce author.


      • Arlindo F. Neto

        Arlindo F. Neto - 2009-03-10

        Hi Benito,

        Bad bug! ;)

        I was suspicious of KDE4.

        I installed the svn version of TexMakerX on KDE 4.2.1, QT 4.5.0, Gentoo 2008 (64 bits).

        Thanks Benito,



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