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Molly May
  • Molly May

    Molly May - 2012-01-10

    I just downloaded miktex and texstudio
    I made a simple prototype essay from the wizard and when i try to compile i
    get this error:

    Process started: "C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex\bin\dvips.exe" -o
    "texstudio_Hp3628".ps "texstudio_Hp3628".dvi

    texstudio_Hp3628.dvi: No such file or directory This is dvips(k) 5.991
    Copyright 2011 Radical Eye Software (www.radicaleye.com) C:\Program
    Files\MiKTeX 2.9\miktex\bin\dvips.exe: DVI file can't be opened:

    Process exited with error(s)

    I can't seem to find the problem, any ideas?

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2012-01-22

    Does the same happen, if you execute the command from the command line?


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