Focus lost in code editor after preview activation

Alex P
  • Alex P

    Alex P - 2012-11-04

    Hi, I'm using textstudio 2.5 with internal embedded pdf viewer.
    When you hit the compile button (e.g. F1) prieview created in the internal pdf-viewer on the right panel. When you hover the mouse over preview to scroll it for example, and then continue keyboard input to edit the code, the cursor is still visible in the code, but focus is lost from code editor and keyboard input is ignored. You have to click again exact place your finished your code to continue typing. That may take some time again to find the place you were editing before compilation....That's really annoying, why not to keep keyboard focus on the code????

    Focus still remain on code editor though if you do not scroll pdf-viewer after compilation.

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2012-11-04

    Focus is set to the viewer if you do an operation there. It may be debatable if scroll by mouse wheel should be an exception (scroll by scrollbars inevitably sets the focus to the viewer).

    You can use Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right to switch focus between editor and viewer. - No need to find the editing place. Note, that this also works if you are for example in the seach bar of the editor.

  • Alex P

    Alex P - 2012-11-05

    Thanks a lot for a tip.

    I just remember, being fan of LEd before, there was no such "problem", focus was always kept on the code, and it it was very comfortable (there were different bugs though...)
    I think it must be an exception, what reasonable things can you do in that pdf-viewer with keyboard anyway?

  • Alex P

    Alex P - 2012-11-05

    :))) BTW just tried that Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right - on my laptop it rotates the screen by 90 degrees left or right (Intel video driver)... Yes it can be tweaked...

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2012-11-06

    Ok, I changed it so that mouse wheel will not set focus to the viewer. Clicking still does. While technically it is possible also to prevent this, I find it natural to change the focus in such a case. You can use Arrow/PgUp/PgDown to navigate the PDF.



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