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  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2016-12-11

    We are currently considering updating the TeXstudio icon and splash screen:

    The current favourite is this:



    The corresponding svg files are available in the hg meta repository:

    Please post any comments or suggestions to this thread. The constraints are:

    • There should be some continuity in colors and design elements.
    • Files have to in svg format.
    Last edit: Tim Hoffmann 2016-12-11
    • Denis Bitouzé

      Denis Bitouzé - 2016-12-11

      IMHO, the splash screen in not optimal because:

      • it is monochrome,
      • the blurred spots, once identified as such, look like errors,
      • only maths examples could give the impression that LaTeX is reserved to mathematicians or physicists, and is only good at that. For instance, a well structured ToC, a bibliography, a 3D graphic, etc. would be welcome. As an example, I'll (try to) attach the .pdf of a poster (used for the LaTeX's day I organize every year in my university) that showcases some of the LaTeX features non restricted to "hard" sciences
      Last edit: Denis Bitouzé 2016-12-11
  • Oliver Kopp

    Oliver Kopp - 2016-12-11

    A rigours other approach would be to concider using designs. In the context of JabRef, we made a good experience. (The new logo will be included in one of the next releases).

    • Tim Hoffmann

      Tim Hoffmann - 2016-12-12

      Thanks for the suggestion. Since we do not take any money at the moment, I don't think we will invest in a professional design. Even though it may be worth it.

      Out of curiosity, is it possible to see the proposed designs for JabRef somewhere?

  • Thiago

    Thiago - 2016-12-12

    First, nice idea to update a little the txs art.

    Second, I only observed the blurred spots because Denis mentioned it. The text on background is too dark here in mh screen.

    Finally, maybe we could try to make the icon like some Faenza icons, or as in some pretty icon theme.

    When is the deadline for suggestions?


    • Tim Hoffmann

      Tim Hoffmann - 2016-12-12

      Generally the focus in my proposed splash screen is on the TeXstudio text. The spots and formulas should just provide some structure for the background but not catch the eye.

      Faenza icons

      We are talking about the application icon not the icons within the program. These are out of scope for now.

      There is no fixed deadline. Originally I wanted to bring it out with the next release, which should not be too far away. But if there are some people willing to work on the design, maybe we'll postpone the design change to the release afterwards.

  • blueice760

    blueice760 - 2016-12-15


    I think this new splash screen is no improvement over the current splash screen. The only impression I get is the flat design style. And those obscured lamps 0_o.

    I think the previous suggestion by a texstudio user:
    is more suitable and in keeping with the mature editor texstudio has grown to become. Maybe a design
    path along those lines? The need to hang onto the lamps is strange. A studio does not invoke images of lamps in my mind...maybe a film set would do that?

    • Denis Bitouzé

      Denis Bitouzé - 2016-12-15

      I agree the splash screen proposed by Tomáš Staudek is quite nice, even in gray scale only.

      • Tim Hoffmann

        Tim Hoffmann - 2017-01-08

        The book backgorund is good, Maybe a bit too photo-realistic for nowadays rather reduced design, but one can argue about that. The fonts is too playful with serif and italics.

  • Stefano

    Stefano - 2017-01-06

    I also very much think that TeXstudio is in dire need of a new visual identity. It is arguably the most advanced tex editor out there, yet its graphics really make it look like it's coming from the 90s...

    I'm no graphic expert, but I think that formulas and studio lamps absolutely have to go, and perhaps also the italic times font on the logo (really looks ugly). I understand the "TeX" typesetting in times with letters going up and down is really iconic and bound to stay, but even that looks so obsolete (It reminds the "Microsoft Windows" from:

    I really think the direction to pursue is that of these major brands (think of twitter, facebook, linkedin, skype): minimalistic, 2-3 colors max, strong identity, easy to identify/remember, no shades and gradients, no bells and whistles.

    Last edit: Stefano 2017-01-06
  • gilu

    gilu - 2017-01-09

    Why do you need a splash screen? This is so ... old fashioned!
    And, concerning the icon: shouldn't the S be lower case?

  • Jan  Sundermeyer

    Jan Sundermeyer - 2017-01-09

    The splash screen should give visual feedback, tht the program is starting.
    It maybe be irrelevant if start-up if sufficiently fast.

    • Tim Hoffmann

      Tim Hoffmann - 2017-01-10

      It maybe be irrelevant if start-up if sufficiently fast.

      I don't think we can guarantee that when starting with a large document.

  • Benito van der Zander

    Here's another proposal:

    big one: I miss the formulas

    little one: Should there not be an X somewhere?

    The splash screen should give visual feedback, tht the program is starting.

    Or for the About dialog. For some reason I can only see a black rectangle most of the time it is starting on my computer.

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2017-01-10

    And, concerning the icon: shouldn't the S be lower case?

    If you take it really literally. However, for graphic reasons I chose uppercase.

    little one: Should there not be an X somewhere?

    Could. But I found it hard to get it visually nice and clear. A connection between the icon and the abbreviation TXS can be drawn, but is not mandatory. Apart from that I suppose that TXS is mainly used by the developers and not widely known among the users.

  • Thiago

    Thiago - 2017-01-11

    Here are two proposals for splash screen. I did it just now to give some ideas. We can improve if necessary.

    The logo comes from font awesome university logo. I choose it because I think that TeX contains the feeling of university enviroment. Or could be a kind of Greek library building.

    The splash screen was created using only LaTeX with TikZ.

    The icon could be based on it, using the building and some txs text.

    The second option is around proportion 16:9 and with a shadow text.

    Last edit: Thiago 2017-01-11
  • Benito van der Zander

    That building reminds me that I learned how to do Windows programming with Delphi 4:

    • Thiago

      Thiago - 2017-01-11

      I never saw that. To be true, I never studied Delphi. lol
      I choose that icon because it could be a library, univeristy or also an old Greek theatre (that could be related to studio).

      So, here is a second option, with some LaTeX code.

      Last edit: Thiago 2017-01-11
  • Konstantin

    Konstantin - 2 days ago

    Maybe, it makes sense to provide a customized splash screen?

    • Tim Hoffmann

      Tim Hoffmann - 1 day ago

      I don't think so. Icon and splash screen should yield brand recognition. Thus there should just be one.


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