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New features: dictionaries and BibTex?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hello, I read on changelos that TexStudio 2.3 will include:
    -> support for different dictionaries per document
    -> BibTeX will be automatically called if the bib files are modified
    but I'm no able to use them.
    I read the user manual but I didn't find nothing to do that.
    If someone would help me, I'm happy.
    Thanks (and sorry for my bad english).

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Could you tell us what you what you wan to do but you cannot do in more
    details? It is not clear what is the problem. Anyway, perhaps you want to try
    Texstudio 2.4, it is fresh, solve a lot of bugs, and have more features

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2012-09-18

    -> support for different dictionaries per document
    is actually a bit misleading. You can currently use one dictionary per file.
    To add text in another language you'd have to put it in a separate file and
    \input{} it.

  • PatrickT

    PatrickT - 2012-09-24

    I'm not a TexStudio expert at all, but I use it and it works very well for me
    most of the time. I too use multiple dictionaries. Now, I'm not quite sure
    exactly how I figured this out, and I cannot say if it is a good way or if
    it'll work for you, but here's what I do (on multiple machines, it's important
    to have a systematic approach):

    Step 1: make sure you have the dictionaries in the Texstudio/dictionaries
    folder. You can add your own. I somehow googled my way to a dictionary named
    hunspell-en_US-7.1-0 which contains an aff and dic file, which I copied into
    the folder, it's good enough for me. You can create your own dic, from scratch
    or based on an existing one for instance, using the layout of these files.

    Step 2: check the following lines in your ini file, and modify accordingly
    (maybe they will be correct after you select languages through the menus, but
    if not you can modify them "by hand"):

    Spell\DictionaryDir=C:/Program Files (x86)/TeXstudio/dictionaries
    Spell\Dic=C:/Program Files (x86)/TeXstudio/dictionaries/de_US.dic
    Thesaurus\Database=C:/Program Files

    Step 3: In my master document I have the following line at the top:
    % !TeX spellcheck = en_US

    I'm not sure if it does anything, it's got the percentage sign before it
    suggesting it may not be read, but I found that without it the default
    dictionary was en_UK and with that line en_US. I think, I could be wrong

  • PatrickT

    PatrickT - 2012-09-25

    thanks for the explanations and the links t_hoffmann, it's useful to have all
    the explanations in one place, I'm bookmarking this!

    You can also use OpenOffice v3 spellcheckers
    very useful tip indeed.




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