Update to 2.4 from 2.3

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am all new to LaTex and just installed TexLive and TexStudio 2.3. Now I
    wonder what the correct and easy way is to update to TexStudio 2.4?

    I use Linux Ubuntu 12.04.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    just install the appropriate .deb given on the download page.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    ok, so I do not need to remove anything first?
    Thought I read somthing like that when I installed the first version?

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    normally the package manager handles that.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    ok, thanks.

    Package manager says that libstdc package is to old or something and I cant
    find one that is good enough.
    I have version 6, and TXS wants 6 >=4.7.1
    I only find 6-4.6 in the manager

  • Benito van der Zander

    Which Debian/Ubuntuversion do you have? Have you downloaded the correct

    libstdc-6-4.7 should only be needed for the Debian
    (There you can use apt-get update, apt-get dist-upgrade to install the
    newest version of everything)

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