TexMakerX in WINDOWS (7)

  • Milo Tomasi

    Milo Tomasi - 2010-12-28

    I am an avid user of TexMakerX. I write all my lab reports with TexMakerX. The
    problem I have is that at home I use FEDORA 14 OS, where installing is easy
    and everything works out of the box. Since my university uses Win and Mac
    machines only, I decided to put TexMakerX on my USB flash drive so i can work
    on my stuff while I'm there. Installing and opening the program works. Though
    I can't get it to convert my doc to pdf as I do in FEDORA .
    Fehler: Befehl konnte nicht gestartet werden: latex -src
    -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex
    in English it would be something like:
    Error: Command could not have been started: latex -src
    -interaction=nonstopmode %.tex

    Anyone knows how to get it to convert the files? Thanks in advance

  • Benito van der Zander

    If you get this message, it can't find the latex.exe.
    Check if LaTeX is installed on that computer.
    And add the full path of the latex.exe to the command like
    C:\Programmme..\latex.exe or add the directory containing the latex.exe to
    the system PATH environment variable.

  • Milo Tomasi

    Milo Tomasi - 2010-12-28

    thanks for your quick reply. I sort of understand where this is going. So this
    means TexMakerX does not install LaTeX and its exe is that right? If so, which
    program contains the latex.exe. Thank you in advance

  • Benito van der Zander

    tmx is just an editor.
    LaTeX comes in its own very large package. MikTeX and TexLive are the two most
    popular LaTeX packages for Windows.


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