OT: Negative user review flooding

  • scenox

    scenox - 2012-08-13

    The user review page is flooded with negative reviews. Today I saw the counter
    rising from 1500 to 1628 negative reviews in less than 20 minutes. Might be a
    script which generates negative review clicks with different ip addresses when
    getting higher than 17 %.

    So who is this spammer and is there any way to stop flooding?

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2012-08-16

    We contacted sf.net on this issue some time ago, but they couldn't or didn't
    want to do anything about it. Anyway, if a spammer is reasonably clever
    (posting 128 ratings in 20 Minutes isn't), it's hard to distingush spam from
    real ratings.

    The bad ratings are not so nice, but finally we don't care too much. Most
    users get in contact to LaTeX by word of mouth. And that way, also the
    knowledge and use of editors spreads. If you have a recommendation, it's
    rather unlikely that a bad rating on sf.net will stop you from trying out.
    Then people will judge themselves and decide if they like TXS or not. So I
    believe the impact of these ratings is quite limited.

    Of course, true user feedback is highly welcome, positive and negative alike.
    If the negative feedback should be constructive, it's often a good idea to
    place a bug report or a feature request.



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