Using my perl script with texstudio

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    Dear friends,

    I have a perl script which makes some changes in the file. Is there an option
    in TeXStudio, where I can invoke this script and attach it to a keyboard short
    Secondly, I want to add plain tex as well as XeLaTeX in the list of quick buid
    compilers of TeXStudio, how can do that?

    An early response will be appreciated.

    Best Wishes,
    Ms. Sehar

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    1. You can set up and run any external program via User -> User Commands.

    2. Currently there is no direct way to add additional alternative compilers. You may "misuse" the lated oder pdflatex commands and replace it e.g. with xelatex. Of course, you can also use user commands, but there you won't have the additional logic (conditional bibtex, multiple runs).
      The next release will address these issues an contains a completely new and
      configureable build system (already available via SVN or snapshot).


    SEHAR TAHIR - 2012-06-04

    Thanks a lot for the reply, do you have the information about when the new
    release will be available for the users?

    In addition, I have another question, I want to add a short cut to TeXStudio
    where my script searches a command say "\newinsert{...}" in the file, removes
    the command i.e. its TeXgroup and only the data is left in the file. I can use
    Perl or any other script, but these scripts will not auto-identify the
    TeXgroups, so I want to make use of the internal mecahnism of TeXStudio to
    indentify these tex groups.

    Any suggestion in this regard is welcome.

    Best Wishes!
    Ms. Sehar


    SEHAR TAHIR - 2012-06-05

    Thanks a lot for your reply. I have added this query as a new discussion in
    the forum as it is a separate query from using perl script. I hope I get some
    more insights into this requirement.

    Best Wishes,



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