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  • Lucian

    Lucian - 2013-05-11

    Hello all,

    I am a new user of TeXstudio coming from the TeXmaker side :) and I have a question. One feature which I liked in TeXmaker is the ability to tell the program to put all the leftover files after compilation in a Build directory. Thus leaving a very tidy work folder where only the bib and tex files are present and whatever other dirs you create for images etc.

    Is there a way to convince TeXstudio to do the same?



  • Lucian

    Lucian - 2013-09-02

    Thank you Tim for your answer and sorry for the late (very!) reply. Your solution works great, but it seems that these are per project modifications that must be made. So if I were to work on two different manuscripts I would have to make modifications each time depending on where my build folder is. Are there any plans for this to become an integral part of TexStudio? I mean something that can be enabled by the user and then the build folder can be created by texstudio where the .tex file resides. It seems to me that this is a more simple and elegant solution than a manual modification.

  • Benito van der Zander

    You can set it on project-level base by inserting something like:

    % !TeX TXS-program:compile = txs:///pdflatex/[-aux-directory=aux-files]

    in the main .tex file.

    And you can also set arbitrary many paths in the "Additional Search Paths", so you can put the path of all projects there and do not need to change it when switching between them

    • Lucian

      Lucian - 2013-09-16


      I am sorry but I do not really understand your solution. I am not all that familiar with TeXstudio. I am using it though as it is with the solution proposed by Tim, changing the build dir whenever I am moving from one project to another. I do hope that in the future builds this feature will be automated.

      • Benito van der Zander

        But it is really simple.

        Open the tex file containing \documentclass, put

         % !TeX TXS-program:compile = txs:///pdflatex/[-output-directory=build-dir]

        at the beginning of the text. (if you want to call your build dir build-dir)

        Last edit: Benito van der Zander 2013-09-16


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