bibliography autocompletion issue in TeXStudio 2.5.2

  • A2009

    A2009 - 2013-05-26

    First of all, I would like to thank everybody in TeXStudio project. This is absolutely a great environment for writing LaTeX. I am a big fan of it.

    I have posted a question on regarding the issue that I have with autocompletion of bibliography entries in TeXStudio 2.5.2. It can be found here: To summarize, suppose I put the bibliography matter in another file named Bibliography.tex in which we have \bibliography{mybib} and a few formatting configurations. Now we include Bibliography.tex in the main file named main.tex by using \include{Bibliography}. Because \bibliography{mybib} is not directly in the main.tex, autocomplete fails to show the entries that are in mybib.bib. If I remove Bibliography.tex and put its contents directly in main.tex, I will have all the bibliography entries in the pop-up menu of autocomplete, which make finding the desired citation easier.

    Could someone help fix this issue?

  • Laua

    Laua - 2015-08-19

    I had this same problem and discovered that the issue was one of two things:
    1) I had two identical bibfiles, one of which was in TeXMF - a root of MikTeX 2.9, the other was in a directory (Dropbox) containing the directory of my bibfile. TeXStudio was compiling using the bib file from the parent directory of my main.tex. <- not sure if this was the core issue. My bibliography was compiling just fine.
    2) I hadn't told TeXStudio where my bibfile was - in every other TeX editor, telling MikTeX the location of TeXMF was enough. TeXStudio, apparently, requires to be told.
    Solution: tell TeXStudio where your bib files are (even though it seems to know). Adv. editor - additional search paths.
    Details: Go to 'Options' in the toolbar menu, 'Configure TeXstudio' then (toggle advanced options - tickbox on the bottom left) click on Adv. editor on the menu on the left. You have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the advanced editor options to 'Additional search paths', under which there is the option to enter/navigate to your desired bibfiles. Doing this caused the bibkey options to appear for me!

  • Laua

    Laua - 2015-08-19

    Additionally, to make it work with \citep \citet etc in addition to \cite you need to go into the 'Configure TeXstudio' menu again, click on 'Completion' on the left menu and make sure that the completion file biblatex.cwl is selected (ticked/checked).

    • Tim Hoffmann

      Tim Hoffmann - 2015-11-20

      Note: For quite a while now, cwls are loaded automatically based on the \usepackage commands. It's usually not necessary to statically activate cwls at Options -> Completion. See also FAQ on cwls.



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