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  • Pro.Mule

    Pro.Mule - 2009-07-31

    When is a version of tmx release expected?
    Which features have to be implemented, before that?

    Using SVN and compile the programm by himseld, is not acceptable for normal user.

    • Benito van der Zander

      This isn't decided yet, but it will take at least one month, since I'm writing my BA thesis in the moment, and add currently mostly the features which helps me to write it faster...

      More important than the missing features, are several bugs which still lurks around and want to be fixed, mostly in the search panel (it seems the "highlight all" function have to be completely rewritten) and the completion/code-snippets.

      The missing features are almost all of the same kind: better document awareness
      It should automatically recognize included files (without the mastermode), support reference checking over file boundaries, check the bib tex references and have functions to select/delete/rename blocks. (for latter I'm waiting for a not-yet-implemented feature in qcodeedit 2.3 and have to update the qce version, since tmx is based on qce2.2 currently )



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