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Features for Tablet/Touchable computer Users

  • Xiaodong

    Xiaodong - 2012-09-09

    Dear TeXstudio developers,

    I am so grateful for all your efforts to perfect the TeXstudio editor that I
    would like to post my request on improving this editor. As you may have
    noticed that more and more computer users switched to Tablets, or
    penable/touchable devices to complete their daily lives for researching,
    notes-taking, writing and studying. For example, I personally use ThinkPad X61
    Tablet to finish all my academic computer-based activities. I can use stylus
    to take notes and draw sketches freely while taking lectures or preparing
    houdouts. If our developers are looking at a promising future, I think a
    friendly LaTeX interface for tablet users is a good idea for the next
    improvement beyond traditional LaTeX editors.

    I notice that some efforts have been started in some small groups. Software or
    apps like Inlarg and TeXTablet have been developed to adapt to the handwriting
    and freehand drawing era. But the current software are either commercial or
    too weak to be propagated to the large LaTeX user community. I sincerely wish
    TeXstudio developer groups can consider to develop similar or better tools
    integrated in the TeXstudio framework, so that the users can draw graphs and
    hand-written equations, and insert them conveniently without moving to another
    software. Notice that, this improvement can also benefit the general LaTeX
    users in many ways.

    I appreciate your efforts on making a lot of symbols visible as ions in
    TeXstudio. I think your goal is to make the software easy to be used in
    various ways and for various groups of users. Since there have already been
    some codes can be borrowed in the open source community, I think it is not too
    hard to develop those features. I hope my proposal is in the same direction as
    the TeXstudio community is struggling in, and feasible for the next feature to
    be added into the software.

    Best regards,

  • Xiaodong

    Xiaodong - 2012-09-09

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