Cleaning up on closing document

  • AlbrechtMehl

    AlbrechtMehl - 2013-06-22

    I actually prefer TXS to kile. But kile has a feature which I could not find in TXS:
    there one can configure that on closing a document either nothing additional happens or that all files with an extension one can choose are removed. Right now I find it somewhat annoying to have one's directory filled up with log, dvi, aux etc when the only thing one like preserved is the tex file.

    Does this feature really not exist in TXS or am I just to dumb to find it?


  • Benito van der Zander

    There is only the "Tools\Clean auxiliary files" command to remove these files

    • AlbrechtMehl

      AlbrechtMehl - 2013-06-25

      I admit not having looked in the tools menu as I expected this feature
      to be configurable like in kile and therefor to be looked for in the TXS configuring section.

      In the help I did not find a comment to this feature. For this reason additonal questions:

      • Which files are removed when using this button?
      • Are there plans to make this configurable, i.e. so that one can
        choose those files which should be removed?

      A. Mehl

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2013-06-25

    "Tools\Clean auxiliary files" opens a dialog, in which you can configure which files are removed. I think it's rather self-explanatory.



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