call texstudio from command line on Mac

  • Geoff Vallis

    Geoff Vallis - 2016-08-27


    I guess I'm missing something obvious here, but how do you call texstudio from the command line on a Mac? One would like to be able to open a particular file at a particular line. Aside from its intrinsic usefulness, I can't see how one can use an external PDF viewer without this, since one can't sync back to the source. I might have thought that
    /Applications/ would work, but it does not (at least for me).


  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2016-08-27

    That's supposed to work. Note that TeXstudio is designed as a single app; i.e. if one instance is running, the command will not create a new window but propagate the arguments (i.e. opening a file) to the existing instance and then exit.

    Does this output a list of possible command arguments?
    /Applications/ --help

  • Geoff Vallis

    Geoff Vallis - 2016-08-27

    Ah - I think perhaps I was calling it with the app already open. It now sort of works, except it gives me a bunch of error messages:
    srcv2:->> /Applications/
    level change 0
    level change 1
    level change 2
    level change 5
    level change 6
    "Error: failed to look up (2d)"
    "Error: failed to look up (2e)"

    If I append --help, it works as expected. Also, it doesn't fork it into the background. So if I kill the job in the terminal, the app dies.

  • Tim Hoffmann

    Tim Hoffmann - 2016-08-28

    You can ignore the "level change" messages. These are just some debug output and will be removed in future versions.

    Not sure what the lookup fail is about.


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