.ini file settings - registry

  • Brecht Monkerhey


    I'm using the usb version of TexMakerX to deploy texmakerx in our computer
    class. I set the ini file right, but now I want to make a change to the
    existing installation (change of dictionary file). I changed the ini file, but
    it seems that for users who have already used texmakerx, the settings in the
    ini file are ignored. If I remove the profile, log in and open texmakerx
    again, the new settings in the ini file are loaded.

    Does texmakerx store information in the registry somewhere? Would there be a
    solution to force the reload of the ini settings?


  • Benito van der Zander

    If tmx cannot find a ini file (or cannot write to it) at the first start it
    creates a new ini file in a directory like "C:\Documents and
    Settings\Application Data\benibela\texmakerx.ini"

  • Brecht Monkerhey

    Of course, should have checked that out myself. As I placed the ini file in
    the Program Files directory, users have no write access to the file. After
    deleting the ini file in the user directory, texmakerx reloads the information
    from the standard ini file.
    In windows 7 the file is located in
    users*username*\appdata\local\virtualstore\program files\texmakerx. This is
    when you place the usb directory into c:\Program Files.



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