ctrl + tab + left jumps so far

  • Thiago

    Thiago - 2012-03-30

    Hi. I am using texstudio since last year. It is very powerfull.
    But I am having some problems with ctrl+tab. Let me explain.

    We can use ctrl+tab+left or right to jump words instead of moving the cursor
    letter by letter. But if there are some arguments inserted (with that red
    frame around, like in \frac command), when I try to go back using
    ctrl+tab+left, the cursor goes to last red frame instead of to go to last

    Here is the text I'd tested.

    The ratio is $\frac{1}{2}$ and the new ratio

    When I try to go back to 'new' pressing ctrl+tab+left, in fact I go to the

    Any one else have this problem?


  • Thiago

    Thiago - 2012-03-31

    Sorry, I did a mistake: the command cited before is ctrl+left or right and not
    with tab.

  • Jan  Sundermeyer

    Jan Sundermeyer - 2012-03-31

    you can adapt it to your liking:

    options/shortcuts/editor/Basic Keymappings:
    move cursor to right (1 word) assign ctrl+right here
    move cursor to left (1 word) assign ctrl+left here

    assign whatever you like to "next placeholder or next word" or "next

  • Thiago

    Thiago - 2012-03-31

    Oh, I see now. Thanks so much.
    Only one more question: the placeholder will be active until I insert a new
    one? And only one placeholder is active per time? It Is it not possible to use
    these keys to navigate around all the placeholders? I have only the last one



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