Provision of rpms

  • johannes lips

    johannes lips - 2012-09-09


    I am maintaining texstudio in fedora and would like to ask, what's the reason
    for providing all those pre-packaged versions on your homepage? I am
    especially puzzled by the fact that you are using a Release tag which will in
    most cases be higher than the one I use in fedora, so in any case the rpm of
    you will be the preferred one.
    I mean I made lots of efforts to get it into fedora and I find it kind of sad
    that you then just do what you like and provide all rpms yourself. I mean it's
    your choice and your right but I still don't see a pretty good reason for it
    and the main disadvantage is duplication of efforts.


  • Jan  Sundermeyer

    Jan Sundermeyer - 2012-09-09

    We appreciate your work on providing rpms for fedora very much.
    As i understand it, these rpms are distributed via the central fedora
    repository, thus usually a linux user does not accidentally install downloaded
    rpms from our site. The fedora rpms are automatically generated by suse build
    service, for which i don't need to apply any extra steps. Since I suppose that
    a fedora user normally installs from central repository, i don't see why the
    build service for fedora packages should be disabled.

    However you can write to Benito and ask him to change the info on fedora
    packages on our web site. But is it version 2.4 of txs ? Or has it to be 2.3
    until a new fedora gets out ?

  • johannes lips

    johannes lips - 2012-09-12

    Ok, I see the reason for the packages on the website. I try to be very up-to-
    date with my packages and in fedora it's possible to update programs also in
    the current stable release, so at least fedora 17 will get texstudio 2.4.
    Actually it's already in the update process.
    I mean it's an assumption that a user will always use the package repositories
    first. I hope it's the case :-)


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