#969 Can't set keyboard shortcuts with delete or backspace

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The shortcut field in Preferences > Shortcuts cannot handle backspace or delete. If you press the button it interacts with it as a textbox. Furthermore the dropdown menu does not contain any entries for delete or backspace. Thus it is impossible to assign any hotkeys to delete/backspace.

Steps to reproduce.
1. Go into Preferences > Shortcuts
2. End an existing shortcut, by double-clicking on the existing key-combination
3. Using the mouse: Deselect the existing key-kombination, so the cursor is at the end
4. Press backspace a few times, to see how to key-representation is deleted on key at a time.
5. Press the dropdown menu and try to find e.g. alt+backspace.
5. Press CANCEL to avoid messing up your shortcuts :)

Expected behavior
I guess there is actually two sub problems. Naturally both should be fixed, but if one is next to impossible the other would provide an easy workaround.

The first being that backspace and delete should be in the dropdown menu, naturally will all possible modifiers (alt, command etc)

The second is that backspace/delete should be captured just as all other keys.

TeXstudio 2.7.0 (hg 4322:c608472034e5)
Using Qt Version 5.2.0, compiled with Qt 5.2.0 R

Mac OS-X 10.9.2 Build 13C64


  • Tobias Bertelsen

    An example of the steps to reproduce:


  • Jan  Sundermeyer

    Jan Sundermeyer - 2014-04-20

    though delete/backspace are not captured, shift delete is captured.
    Do you really need to change backspace/delete ?

  • Jan  Sundermeyer

    Jan Sundermeyer - 2014-04-30

    for most cases it works sufficiently

  • Jan  Sundermeyer

    Jan Sundermeyer - 2014-04-30
    • status: open --> wont-fix
    • Group: -->

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