#1310 Single-click in the Outline panel


In the Outline navigation panel, single-click highlights the item and double-click brings the cursor to the selected section or table. I see no reason for highlighting the item with the mouse (if the reason is to use the pop-up menu, right-click can be used), and this contradicts the expectations of the users that get used to web pages where navigation is done with single click. Instead, I suggest that single-click should bring the cursor to the section or table -- what now is done with double-click.

In addition, I see no reason to have items highlighted manually in this tree at all. I already filed a feature request suggesting that highlighting should be automatic depending on the cursor position in the Editor window.


  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2012-11-03
    • status: open --> closed
  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2012-11-03

    Thanks for taking the time to submit us your report.

    Your suggestion is interesting, but does not seem to fit into the current development roadmap. The current plannings and the general strategy for TXC deviate from your suggestion. Therefore, the issue will not be added to one of our trackers. However, we thank you very much for supporting TXC and hope to be more at your service some other time.



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