#1089 Separate focus for child windows


I've got a dual screen setup and have been running TXC 2.0 Alpha 1 (build 1012). I have my TXC window open one one screen and my PDF viewer on the second. In order to maximize my writing space, I've undocked the build/error panel and have it on the same screen as the PDF, since I only need to look at it while compiling. This creates a problem, however, when I want to copy and paste from another app, or I want to read my pdf and compare it to my editor text while debugging, because when TXC has focus, all of its windows have focus.

I would like to request at least an option that each window have its own focus properties. So that I can have another application window open on top of the build window while simultaneously typing in the editor window. When I compile, the build window could then gain focus so I can see how badly I messed up my code.


  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2010-04-09
    • status: open --> closed
  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2010-04-09

    I know what you mean. I re-configured the behavior of the tool windows in the last days.

    Well, they will not become top-level windows with their own focus. That is simply not possible in our framework. However, you will be able to do the following:

    * press ESC in the editor to hide the build output and some other tool windows (the ones at the bottom).
    * press Ctrl-Shift-B to show/hide the build output window.
    * press Ctrl-1 to toggle the tool windows docked to the bottom of the main window.

    I have a similar monitor setup and hope, that you will be satisfied with the solution.



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