#89 Option for selecting the language for the GUI


There should be a possibility for the user, to select
the language for the graphical user interface of TXC.
The language change must not be performed while
running, it would be enought if TXC would start-up with
the selected language next time.

IMPORTANT: This has nothing to do with the language of
the dictionary!

At the moment the TXC executable contains all supported
resources (only german and english) and the operating
system selects, which language to use, based on its

There is a simple way, to implement the language
selection: The TXC executable does not contain
resources anymore, instead the resources for each
language are placed into a separate DLL -- a so called
resource DLL. At startup TXC loads the related DLL and
calls AfxSetResourceHandle, to set the MFC resource
handle to the instance handle of the loaded DLL. From
then on, all the MFC-Methods will use the resources
from the DLL instead of those from the executable.

This mechanism is also used by the BCG library.

The developers only create the english resource DLL and
all other language-DLLs will be created with the freely
available tool "SmartTranslator"
by external translators.

This tool allows every person, working on a NT-based
windows system, to translate a resource DLL into
another language, without the need, to purchase
VisualStudio. Further on, this tool supports the
translator by updating his language DLL from one
software-version to the next.

This solution would bring us several advantages:

1) The user only needs to download the languages he needs.

2) Every user can make a translation, without the need
to purchase VisualStudio and without any programming
knowledge, simply using the "SmartTranslator"


  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2003-08-20

    Logged In: YES

    A User wrote:

    i am very interrest to translate texnicenter in
    french and
    in brazilieran portuges.

    i translate some free
    (freedom) software in my life :)

    but now, i am looking the
    texniccenter.rc and mmmh it is
    not easy to translate it in many

    tons of my friends are in brazil, and never learn
    or german, and are in difficult with a computer :)

    question and features request is:

    do you plan to make easy the
    translation with one texte
    file. and no in 'hard' inside the

    i would like if it is simple and no need to make it with
    source but just with a simple text file like have many

    sorry if this features are already ask, and thank
    you to
    provides free software, i like texniccenter, it s really
    for me, and to make course with latex.

    best regards

  • Sven Wiegand

    Sven Wiegand - 2003-12-16
    • assigned_to: nobody --> svenwiegand
  • Sven Wiegand

    Sven Wiegand - 2003-12-16
    • status: open --> closed-fixed


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