#77 Last opened folder


The file save and open dialog boxes should remember
the last opened folder.


  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2002-09-26

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    Puh, well: We changed their behaviour to always display the project
    directory. And actually, I like it that way. Because the project directory is
    what the user needs all the time.

    Under newer Windows
    Versions (2k, XP), these dialogs display some buttons - one of them
    called something like "recently used". This is a good way for jumping to
    the last opened folder.

    Although I think, this behaviour would be
    nice, I find it much more better the way it already is. I think we should close
    this one. What do you think, Raphael?


  • Christian Welzel

    • assigned_to: nobody --> christianwelzel
  • Anonymous - 2003-03-11

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    I do agree with you. This was a user request, but I don't share
    his point of view. However, it is true that the difference of
    behavior with the "open project" dialog box is a little
    confusing. I'll also check the "Microsoft Windows User
    Experience" (ie, the Windows GUI guidelines) to see if this
    behavior is somehow standardized. It is important to be
    consistent with other programs.

  • Anonymous - 2003-03-12

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    Here's the specification from Microsoft ("Windows User
    Experience", Chapter 9,
    "Set the default directory based on context. If the user
    opened the file directly, either from its location from the
    file system or using the Open dialog box, set the directory
    path to that location. If the user opened the application
    directly, then set the path either directly to the My
    Documents folder or to a subfolder your application created
    in the My Documents folder. For example, an application may
    set up a default directory for its user-generated data files."

    I think TXC should stick to that, both for the open file and
    open project dialogs. But the specification precisely allows
    the dialog to point to the current's project directory. If
    no project or file is open, the dialog should point to the
    My Documents folder.

  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2003-03-12

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    Yep, you are right. And this is exactly, what Christian will
    implement these days.

    TXC will save the last opened folder. And it will modify
    this value, if a project gets opened (it will point to the
    project directory). Later opened files will change that
    value again.

    I had a look at MS Apps like Word and Visual Studio: They
    exactly behave like described and we will do it the same way.

    Thank you, Raphael!


  • Sven Wiegand

    Sven Wiegand - 2003-04-18

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    OK, here is another crazy idea: In my other applications
    (what I am doing at work), each open/save function
    seperately stores its directory, that was used last time, so
    that i.e. the 'Open Process Data' dialog may come up with
    another dialog than the 'Save Process Data' dialog or the
    'Open Configuration' dialog. And this is realy usefull.

    With TXC we additionally have the problem with the projects.
    So an appropriate solution would be, that the most recently
    used directories for project related files (like graphics,
    etc.) would be stored in the project settings. This way:
    When opening a project and inserting a graphic, the same
    dialog would come up like the last time I have worked with
    this project.

    This may sound complicated, but I guess this is exactly,
    what the user is expecting.

  • Sven Wiegand

    Sven Wiegand - 2003-04-18
    • milestone: 150316 --> Final_Release_(1.0)
  • Christian Welzel

    • status: open --> closed


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