#3 User definable insert-commands


The user should have the possibility to define new
commands (toolbar buttons/menu items) that insert a
specific text into the current editor window. The
configuration should enable the user to specify, where
the cursor should be placed, after the specified text
has been inserted.

It should be possible to group some commands and
export and import those groups (via XML), so that
users have the possibility to create a group for each


  • Sven Wiegand

    Sven Wiegand - 2002-03-18
    • milestone: 190532 --> 190533
  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2002-04-23

    Logged In: YES

    I will need some time for this, but have some nice ideas.

  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2002-04-23
    • assigned_to: nobody --> niteria
  • Sven Wiegand

    Sven Wiegand - 2002-06-04

    Logged In: YES

    If the user selects an insert command and there is selected text in the
    editor, TXC should insert the selected text at the cursor position of the
    newly inserted command. The text should stay selected.

  • Christian Welzel

    Logged In: YES

    Is it possible that, e.g. the user type 'c' and hit e.g. the 'ESC'
    key and TXC insert command 'chapter{}' ? ...
    ss -> subsection{}
    sss -> subsubsection{}
    and so on. I think, it's difficult to decide which function key ist

  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2003-04-24
    • assigned_to: niteria --> nobody
  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2003-04-24

    Logged In: YES

    I am unassigning myself due to time problems. But if someone
    is going to implement this, he/she can always ask me if some
    problems occur.

  • Sven Wiegand

    Sven Wiegand - 2003-07-15
    • assigned_to: nobody --> svenwiegand
  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2003-12-08

    Logged In: YES

    The everlasting request... ;-)

  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2003-12-08
    • milestone: 190533 --> Next_Release
    • priority: 7 --> 8
    • assigned_to: svenwiegand --> niteria
  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2003-12-14

    Logged In: YES

    Partly implemented now. Can be used so far.

    "insert commands" are called "text modules" now. This is due
    to the fact, that we do not need to distinguish between
    Latex commands and other pieces of text.

    There is still something to do here:

    1. Storing via XML. In future versions Text Modules should
    not go to the registry anymore. Instead, they should be
    loaded from XML files, that are located in a subdirectory of
    the main executable. Lets say something like "textmodules".

    2. Grouping. Although there is already a class called
    CTextModuleGroup, we just have one instance of this at the
    moment. We need a GroupManager, that treats a number of
    groups. Each group should be loaded from a different XML
    file. The UI needs to reflect this: The name of the group
    shall be shown in the UI as a menu-popup.

    3. UI Integration I. Text modules shall be categorized.
    There are Math-modules, Format-modules and Insert-modules.
    This refers to the main menu and each text module shall be
    inserted there respectively. A group of text modules can
    consist of all types of those.

    4. UI Integration II. The user shall be enabled to customize
    their UI behaviour. This includes keyboard shortcuts,
    placing them on toolbars and into different menus. Anyway,
    the 3 menus "Math", "Format" and "Insert" shall not be
    changable. Their look stays the same and it just depends on
    the XML files used to load the text modules.

    5. XML Import/Export. Users should be able to export and
    import groups of text modules.

    6. Parameters. Each text module shall have parameters, that
    control parts of the text to be inserted. Placeholders shall
    be used for this. Parameters could be a filename, a number,
    a word and so on.

    7. Languages. The name of each group and the name of each
    text module should be available in different languages. At
    least, we need language support in the XML files.

  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2003-12-14
    • priority: 8 --> 9
    • status: open --> open-accepted
  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2004-02-27

    Logged In: YES

    One user wrote:

    Hallo ...

    Zunchst ein Lob an alle Beteiligten ...

    Ich finde die Idee der Textbausteine sehr gut. Das ist
    ein Ansatz um TexnicsCenter wirklich zu verbessern.
    Denn das ist das was noch fehlt (Emacs hat so was
    hnliches ...). Oft verbringe ich sehr viel Zeit mit der
    Schreiberei der Tex-Markups als mit dem eigentlichen
    Textinhalt. Umgekehrt wre viel besser :-)). Die
    Textbausteine knnten das Problem lsen.
    Schn wre an der Stelle folgende Features:
    Die Textbausteine sollten unbedingt ins Kontexmenu
    (linke Maustaste), damit diese immer an der aktuellen
    Textstelle zur Verfgung stehen.
    Die Textbausteine sollten Unterordner haben, damit man
    diese besser organisieren kann.
    Die Textbausteine sollten im/exportierbar sein, damit
    man z.B. fr ganze Pakete Textbausteine erstellen kann
    und diese dann mit anderen Usern tauschen knnte.
    Auch sollte man hier an Backups der selbsterstellten
    Bausteine denken.
    Die Textbausteine sollten mit einem speziellen
    Tastenkrzel aufrufbar sein.
    Zu jedem Textbausteine sollten man einen Kommentar
    erfassen knnen.

    Hoffe das war jetzt nicht zuviel verlangt :-) ...

    Peter (peter.frank01@web.de)

  • Tino Weinkauf

    Tino Weinkauf - 2005-07-03

    Logged In: YES

    As Christian already suggested: one way of inserting a text
    module is to type some letters and press a shortcut to
    auto-complete that text module. Auto-Completion should work
    on the names of the text modules, not their content.

    It should be a different shortcut than for auto-completion of



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