#52 Temp and derived file handling


Within this patch, the handling of temporary and output files was modified and partially rewritten.

New features:
- Distinction between temporary files and miscellanous output files: Whereas temporary files are moved to the specified temp folder, additional files can be specified in the preferences, to be treated like output files (moved with output file and/or marked as derived).
- Two separate options in the project preferences for marking output files, and for marking temporary files as derived.

Problems fixed:
- Temporary files were not marked as derived, if temp folder was not specified
- Temporary file list did not support multiple extensions (such as .synctex.gz)
- SyncTex integration was hard-coded and could throw exceptions

- The option for marking temporary files as derived is not set by default, when existing projects are opened after applying the patch. However, the user can manually activate the option.
- Originally temporary files were checked for having a corresponding project file (with extension tex, sty, etc.). This check caused some problems (as also addressed in support request 3021238), and I was unsure about its purpose, so it was removed. If necessary, it could be added again.


  • Matthias Erll

    Matthias Erll - 2011-03-20

    New version TempFiles-v2.diff:
    Minor tweaks and removed unused code.

  • Boris von Loesch

    Added to TeXlipse public release

  • Boris von Loesch

    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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