#37 A patch for counter-intuitive hard line breaks


I reported earlier about the counter-intuitive hard line breaker which modifies the contents of next line by prepending the ending of wrapped line. That is fine in many cases, but not when you write like LaTeX is commonly written -- starting a new sentence on a new line. Then, when you insert some words on a line that is followed by a new sentence on the next line, you get the next line messed up.

Consider this text:

This is my first sentence which I will later edit.
This is my second sentence which I want to start on a new line.

Now, when you insert text in the first sentence up to a point when it is wrapped, the rest of the line is prepended to the second sentence. Something like this happens:

This is my first sentence which I am editing right now and will
also later edit. This is my second ...

As you see "later edit." is on same line with "This is my second sentence". TeXlipse has effectively altered my workspace in a counter-intuitive way.

I removed that smart prepending. What do you think? I'm not sure if that does not break some other good intention line breaks.
The patch is attached. Please tell me if it must be generated differently.


  • Boris von Loesch

    I really like the "smart" line break, but maybe we should add an option to switch it off.


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