texlipse, pdf4latex and inverse search

  • jmm

    jmm - 2012-05-02


    First of all, thank you for making this awesome Eclipse plugin :)

    I downloaded texlipse and pdf4latex from the Eclipse marketplace. Forward search works straight out-of-the-box. Inverse search does not seem to work for me.

    If I double click on the text in Pdf4Eclipse (which triggers the inverse search), I get an error message that it can not find the associated .tex file in the "target" directory. This makes sense, as this file is located in the "source" directory. I tested it both on Windows and Ubuntu with Tex Live, the problem only occurs on Ubuntu.

    It looks as if only the filename of the source file is passed to the *.synctex.gz file. If I open the *.synxtex.gz, I can only see the filename where I would be expecting an absolute full path to the source file.

    Am I  supposed to change something in the configuration to make this work? I am not sure what I can do about it (been Googling for it for a while now) or if this is an Ubuntu related bug or not.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated :) If I find the answer in the mean time, I'll post it here.

  • Boris von Loesch


    yes this is indeed a problem which appears when a version of synctex is used that writes relative filenames instead of absolute filenames in the .synctex files. You can try to update your LaTeX distribution, maybe they change synctex. Otherwise you have to set the src- and out-directory path the same, then it should work.

    Best regards,


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