Internal error occured during: "Parsing"

  • Dominic

    Dominic - 2008-02-28


    I'm writing my thesis with TeXlipse (by the way: thanks to everybody who contributes in the development of this plugin - it is great!), where I structred every chapter within a speratated file. However, one chapter has become quite large (>1300 lines, approx. 50 pages) and since a few days I receive the mentioned error (Internal error occured during: "Parsing") wihtout any further information. Sometimes a StackOverflow Exception occures in addition. I believe that the error correlates with the length of the file (or the number of "definition" environments). This error is very annyoing since the error occures always when navigating within the document. When disabling "Automatic Parsing", the error does not occur, but outline is not working then of course...

    Does anybody have any idea? I'm using Texlipse 1.2.1 and Eclipse 3.2.2 .

    Thanks and best regards,

    • The Pianist

      The Pianist - 2008-02-28

      I had the same problem when writing my thesis to.
      To avoid circumvent it, you can try to increase the stack size of the JAVA VM when you launch eclipse.

      In Linux you would do:

      eclipse -vm <path to java executable> -vmargs -Xss1024K

      In Windows you can do a similar thing using the command console I think;

      C:\&lt;the path for eclipse directory>\eclipse.exe -vm C:\&lt;path to java executable> -vmargs -Xss1024K

      Try different values but 1024K worked for me, and I have automatic parsing on.


    • Dominic

      Dominic - 2008-02-28

      Hi Ricardo,

      thank you very much, your solution also for me!

      Best regards,

    • Boris von Loesch

      Finally I have found the error and currently I am testing a fix for this problem. If it works  reliable, we will release a new version soon.



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