Setup difficulties

  • Anna Foeglein

    Anna Foeglein - 2014-02-19

    I've used Texlipse for years with a fairly old Eclipse version, all good. Now I have a new Eclipse installation (Helios, Eclipse 3.6) and tried to install Texlipse via "Install New Software..." menu point. It seemed to work without any error messages but somehow nothing seems to have been installed: No Texlipse entry is showing up in the preferences, there is no Texlipse perspective, and there doesn't even seem to be a file with texlipse in the name.
    Can anyone give a pointer where I could go looking for what's going wrong?

  • Matthias Erll

    Matthias Erll - 2014-03-30


    please take a look in the plugins folder of the Eclipse installation. Is there a folder called "net.sourceforge.texlipse_1.5.0" (or similar)?
    If not, the plugin installer has failed to actually install the plugin files, possibly due to file system permissions.

    Best Regards,


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