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  • Stefan

    Stefan - 2011-07-28

    Hi all,

    I really enjoy Texlipse - great project!
    The built-in spell checker works for me, although I struggled a little to get the setup right. Is there a particular reason to allow to specify only the directories where the dictionaries are to be found, instead of, for example, a file name? At the moment, I cannot  see how to specify a region such as US or GB (well, I can replace the dictionary…). Is there a plan how to advance this feature? I just would like to know in which direction work goes, before I try to provide a patch myself.


  • Boris von Loesch

    Hi Stefan,

    yes it has a reason. In the project preferences you can specify the language of your project files and the correct dictionary is taken. But you are indeed right, that it is not possible to further specify a region. If you are interested in this feature file a feature request but I cannot promise, that someone is going to add this feature soon.

    Best regards,

  • Stefan

    Stefan - 2011-08-15

    Hi Boris,

    thanks for your reply. This makes sense. According to what I saw in the code, such a feature would not be too hard to do (I believe…) so that I could try to come up with a solution myself, when I find time…I will file a feature request anyway.

    Best regards,


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