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Back to Life, Call for Comments

A year later than I was initially planning, Tethra is coming back to life. Slowly yet steady, I'm trying to do something to push things forward every week.

There's a simple stub of a website online at:


and a better bug tracker ready at:


I was also trying to set up a Wiki for documents but since SourceForge doesn't allow disk writing by the server (database preferred) I couldn't use my favorite DokuWiki and I do hate the goliath which is MediaWiki. If anyone knows a good alternative on MySQL with the lightness of DokuWiki, I'd appreciate a note.... read more

Posted by Mike Paluchowski 2007-02-09

Project status

The Tethra project has been long inactive due to some work interest shifts I had. Since it was suppose to be a niche product from the beginning, not many people seem to have been missing it. Now though, I have received some attention by people willing to use Tethra, which in connection with my work-shift to Java will put some new life into the project.

That said, the project is scheduled to resume development in early Spring 2006.

Posted by Mike Paluchowski 2005-12-20