Back to Life, Call for Comments

A year later than I was initially planning, Tethra is coming back to life. Slowly yet steady, I'm trying to do something to push things forward every week.

There's a simple stub of a website online at:


and a better bug tracker ready at:

I was also trying to set up a Wiki for documents but since SourceForge doesn't allow disk writing by the server (database preferred) I couldn't use my favorite DokuWiki and I do hate the goliath which is MediaWiki. If anyone knows a good alternative on MySQL with the lightness of DokuWiki, I'd appreciate a note.

The database design is in progress and here's where I need help from potential users. What data exactly needs to be recorded on cemeteries and tombstones? I've had my own thoughts on that and if anyone would be willing to share his comments I'd love to hear from you.

Posted by Mike Paluchowski 2007-02-09

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