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Testopia / News: Recent posts

New Project Location

This project has moved to Mozilla.

You can access the project home page at for all related project information including links to support lists, docs, and downloads.

Posts to the forums or lists here may not receive a response.

Testrunner 0.7 as hosted here is no longer supported. Please download the latest version of Testopia from the project home page at

Posted by Greg Hendricks 2008-02-27

Testopia 1.0-beta Released!

I am happy to announce the general availability of Testopia 1.0-beta.

Testopia (formerly testrunner) is a test case management extension to

Details are available at

The tarball can be found at

Posted by Greg Hendricks 2006-06-05

New Project Name: Testopia

The results are in and a new name has been decided.

The project will henceforth be called Testopia.

Runners up were TestTracker and OpenTest.

Thanks everyone for your votes and participation.
Winners will be notified shortly.

Posted by Greg Hendricks 2006-03-24

Mozilla Recognizes Test Runner

Mozilla has agreed to adopt Test Runner as a project.

What does this mean?
Well, for starters we will be moving to Mozilla's CVS tree and mailing lists, as well as using to log bugs against the project.

Watch for these changes and more as we get settled into our new project status.

Posted by Greg Hendricks 2006-03-14

New Project Roadmap

With the release of Bugzilla 2.22 just around the corner, we have begun working on bringing Testrunner up to the same standards as used in Bugzilla itself. We think this is an excellent opportunity to add some new functionality as well as make the system easier to use.

What this has amounted to is almost a complete redesign from the ground up. In part to make it compatable with the new objects used in Bugzilla 2.22, make it Postgres compliant, and MySQL 5 compliant, and address a number of bugs and security issues in the current version.... read more

Posted by Greg Hendricks 2006-03-10

Updated: Naming Competition

It has come to our attention that Testrunner is a registered trademark of Mercury corp.

Discussion can be found at

We are therefore hosting a naming competition to come up with a new name for the project. Entries must be original (i.e come up clean on the USPTO website trademark search) and will be judged by the project admins. ... read more

Posted by Greg Hendricks 2006-03-10

Version 0.7 released

Hope this is the best Test Runner ever!

Posted by Ed Fuentetaja 2005-09-20

Test Runner 0.7 Beta available at the demo site
Development finished. Currently testing it. This version will work on Bugzilla 2.18.* 2.19.* & 2.20, Linux & Windows.

Posted by Ed Fuentetaja 2005-08-28

Test Runner 0.6.2 released

Among many others...
- several important bug fixes
- the ability to easily create regression test cases
- an improved installation tested on Windows
- two new reports based on IEEE standards that hope are useful for your organization

Posted by Ed Fuentetaja 2005-06-21

Version 0.6.2-Beta ready for sneak peek

The beta release of version 0.6.2 is up at the demo site: (user:, password: testrunner)

Posted by Ed Fuentetaja 2005-05-15

Released version 0.6.1

Latest version 0.6.1 has been released. This version includes important usability improvements and some bug fixes.
Hope y'all enjoy it!

Posted by Ed Fuentetaja 2005-04-02

Version 0.6.1 beta on the demo site

The demo site at has been upgraded to version 0.6.1 beta.
Please report any issues to the Bugs section of this project.

Posted by Ed Fuentetaja 2005-03-04

New version 0.6.1 coming soon

I just finished development of the next release. It includes a new, really simple interface for testers, a much needed improvement. I hope it helps to increase the excitement around this project.
I'll put it on the demo site as soon as I can.

Posted by Ed Fuentetaja 2005-03-01

Test Runner 0.6 for Bugzilla 2.18 just released

This version only works with Bugzilla 2.18. Please, if you use Bugzilla 2.16.* or 2.17.*, download Test Runner 0.5.2


Posted by Ed Fuentetaja 2005-02-08

Test Runner for Bugzilla 2.18 coming soon

I have a working version of Test Runner working with Bugzilla 2.18. I just need to pack it and do some more testing before release.

I am thinking about releasing this version only for Bugzilla 2.18 (won't work with 2.16 or 2.17). This will become the principal branch.

Posted by Ed Fuentetaja 2005-02-07

New version released

Version 0.5.2 was just released. It includes important secutity improvements and many minor bugs fixes.

Posted by Ed Fuentetaja 2005-02-02