Christian - 2013-01-08

Last topic for today;-)

And maybe i should have wrote it in the first topic. Thanks for your work. We successfully migrate our old wiki based test management to your plugin (actually for 5 product lines). And i could proudly say that we like it very much. Now we just like to customize it a little bit :-)

This topic is about the search options in the search tab(this one that's provided by trac)
With the plugin the options are extended to 8 possibilities (Milestones Tickets Wiki Test Catalog Test Case Test Case in a Plan Test Plan Changesets)

Now we have the problem that we are only searching for things in tickets or wiki, so we have to deselect the other options.

Now with the 4 options for TM plugin some colleagues aren't happy to deselect so much.

I couldn't find a possibility to change the default selection, so i have to ask you. Did you know a possibility to change the selection (trac.ini?) or could you provide at least a possibility to combine the TM options or to deactivate them?