"Tagging" of Test cases

  • Michael Schnick

    Michael Schnick - 2013-02-06


    I just wondered if any of you ever came across the need to "tag" test cases with specific labels to rebuild test plans quicker.

    Or is it just me, suffering from a bad structure?

    Let me provide an example:

    I have "decided" to group my test cases by component.

    Let those components be:

    • client/UI
    • client/Documentation
    • server/database
    • server/communication

    Now, I have test cases that are related to specific features.
    Usually, those features would live in a single component.
    However, from time to time, there are features that "span" across different components.

    Now, in order to pick them up easily, I'd like to "tag" the test cases with labels like "licensing", "export" or what ever.

    Do you always put the labels in the testcase description so that the filter can pick it up?


    QA, digivod gmbh

  • Roberto Longobardi

    You may want to explore the tags plugin, though I'm not sure whether it works only on tickets or also wiki pages (remember test cases are just augmented wiki pages, in the end).

    You will then be able to search for tags in the general Trac search box and, after having landed on a test case page, add it to your plan using the new add to test plan button.

    I understand you want to be able to use the test catalog filter instead, and I would suggest to use a custom field for the test case artifact, e.g. "tags", but I'm not sure these fields works with the filter function. You may want to give it a try on a test environment.


  • Michael Schnick

    Michael Schnick - 2013-02-11

    Hi Roberto,

    I'll look into the plugin - thanks for the advice.

    Also I'll report back on whether it works or not.
    Unfortunately, this will have to wait for a few weeks.



  • Daniel

    Daniel - 2013-02-13


    I've tested the second approach - adding a custom field to test case and use the catalog filter. Does not work. It filters only by test case name/title.



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