feature-request: assigning a Test Plan

  • JamesThomasMoon1979

    As a test manager, I would like to create Test Plans and assign them to my team members. It would be nice if "Owner" (or "Tester" or something like that) was a built-in field that could be displayed within the Available Test Plan list.
    Even better, is if "Owner" acted like Trac Tickets and emailed owners when they are set to own a Test Plan (like regular Trac does).

    I'm sure I could add a custom field like suggested here. However, Test Plan "Owner" (more specifically, the person assigned to perform the tests) seems like a basic need for Test Plans. And an Owner should be treated specially (i.e. displayed within the list of Available Test Plan and other things).

    Perhaps I overlooked something already available?

    Thanks for this excellent and free plugin!

  • JamesThomasMoon1979

    Thinking about this more... an improved solution would allow setting an owner per Test Case within a Test Plan instance.
    In my test team, test cases are traded among people quite freely. If I could create one large test plan and then assign each Test Case to the most likely team member, that would help. From there, any other team member could re-assign the test case as they see fit. And I, the test planner, would be freed from complicated assignment re-arrangement for team members.

    This ticket would satisfy my needs. Simply have a custom field with a drop-down for all my team members.


    Last edit: JamesThomasMoon1979 2013-10-23
  • Roberto Longobardi

    Hi James,
    actually this feature is already available, by means of the workflow integration.

    You may add any custom workflow to any of the test management objects: test catalogs, test cases or test plans.

    This is explained in the wiki: http://trac-hacks.org/wiki/TestManagerForTracPlugin#CustomizableWorkflow

    Actually it's been a while since I have tested this feature... it may have some problems with the latest plugin releases.

    If you have any question or should you encounter any issue, please post them here.

    If I can find some time, I'll post a detailed example of how you may achieve your workflow goal.

    BTW, I've just release version 1.7.2 of the plugin. No DB upgrade is necessary.



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