Release 1.4.10 (2012-03-03):

  o Enhancement #9751 (Track-Hacks): Ability to sort catalogs.
                                     Test Catalogs are now sorted by title in the tree and table views.

  o Fixed Ticket #9776 (Track-Hacks): Testplans not visible with latest Agilo Plugin.

  o Fixed Ticket #9530 (Track-Hacks): Expand all / Collapse all is not running.
                                      This only happened with the Agilo plugin installed.

  o Fixed Ticket #9754 (Track-Hacks): Setting test result seemingly succeeds with expired login.
                                      Now operations such as setting a test case status and updating a custom field,
                                      when failing will display a dialog box with an error message.

  o Fixed Ticket #9758 (Track-Hacks): Can't delete Test Case in v1.4.9.